The domain

Genuine and friendly wines. The family Jung has a small wine farm  and a vineyard of four hectares in Riquewihr.

Like every old winegrowers family the famous areas SCHOENENBOURG and SPOREN belong to the domaine. By tradition the wines are mostly dry with house style.



Our domaine

Our domaine is one of the smallest in Alsace, For this reason the biggest part of the different works are made without employees.

Thes different vine parcels are located around Riquewihr within than one and an half kilometer as the crow flies.

Of course all the vineyard is located on hills around Riquewihr which are producing better wines than in the plain in different areas  especially at the SCHOENENBOURG and the SPOREN, These two areas belong to the GRANDS CRUS D’ALSACE as their quality has been famous for centuries.

Generally the parcels are small, but sometimes they are gattered together into bigger ones.

All varieties in use in Alsace are produced in our DOMAINE.

The wine is made in an old building from th 17th century, The cellar is underground to limit. The variation of temperature and to keep the best humidity.

The planting is made to find the best balance between the TERROIR (soil) and the different varieties, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris are planted in clayey soil, in sandy soil grows Riesling better, Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc grow where the grapes ripe later.

The production of SCHOENENBOURG is only Riesling and at the SPOREN only Gewurztraminer is produced.



Our varities :

  • Sylvaner  which is not more planted so the vines are very old (50-60 )
  • Pinot blanc which is used for still wine and sparkling wine (crémant d’Alsace)
  • Riesling the king of Alsace wines
  • Muscat the most fruity wine
  • Pinot gris which was called Tokay d’Alsace for several centuries
  • Gewurztraminer with its specific spicy flavour
  • Pinot Noir  only variety which fits for red wine



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