Our Know-How

Our passion is very present and strong because it’s tradition in our wine growers family.

For more than forty years, no chemical nitrates are used at our domaine.

To fertilize the earth only compost is in use, that helps to control the vigour of the vines and to limit the chemical treatments.

To reduce the erosion of the soil and to speed up microfauna and microflora grass is preserved  in one row and the other one is ploughed several times especially in spring and so on.

The grapes are not hurt by handling because the harvest is hand made.

The juice is slowly and delicately separated from the residue by a pneumatic press.

The fermentation and the preserving of the different wines is made with nobly materials, oak and stainless steel.

The bottling is made late to assist a naturel stabilization. The marketing generally starts twelve months after the harvest. The wines of our domaine are always not standard and with typical house style.


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