Our approach

Today the wine making is different than in the past  Our attachment at the tradition makes that some works are made like one century ago, and some other works are made very differently,We try to chose the best from each one.



A passion from generation to generation

Before the planting the soil rests for a few years, the planting is hand made, the three first years every row of the vineyard  is ploughed that the vinescan dig in well.

After the 4th year the vines begin to produce grapes. One row stays green and the other one is ploughed.

The vines are pruned during the winter, the shoots are fasted like bows for the white varieties and fasted flat for the pinot noir. During summer the vines grow in espalier thanks our works. The summer pruning is mostly made by tractor,


A passionate work

During all year the vigour is limited because no chemical  nitrates are used. The harvest is hand made.

A pneumatic press is used because the pressure is low (maximum 1,9 bar).

Sometimes the juices are cooled to better settle down, than filled in oak casks or stainless steel  tanks for the fermentation.

After a second decanting the wines stay in caxks or tanks till summer for a better stabilization than filled in bottles. Up november the bottlles are labeled and ready to sell.




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